Specialized glossaries of Arts, Sciences, Society and Techniques.

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A glossary of general terminology related to medicines.

Topics Medicine Pharmacy Creation date 2020-04-01

Film & TV Production

A glossary of Film & TV production terms.

Topics Cinema Arts Video Business Management Industry Creation date 2020-03-31


Glossay of terms related to the Internet and the new media business.

Topics Internet Networking Computing Creation date 2020-03-29


Soil Glossary.

Topics Geology Creation date 2020-03-27


Glossary of antique terms. An antique is an old collectible item.

Topics Collecting Creation date 2020-03-26


Glossary of terms related to multimedia.

Topics Video Audio Computing Creation date 2020-03-23


Construction Glossary.

Topics Construction Engineering Technology Creation date 2020-03-21


Glossary of Buddhist key terms.

Topics Religion Creation date 2020-03-20

Professional Artists Terms

Glossary of Art Terms.

Topics Arts Creation date 2020-03-19


Glossary of terms used in web and print publishing.

Topics Publishing Printing Computing Creation date 2020-03-18

Updated glossaries

[English] Karate

Glossary of Karate related terms, including stances, techniques, blocks, training, etc.

Topics Sports Martial Arts Creation date 2020-01-11 - Modification date 2020-03-28

[English] Chess

Glossary of Chess terms.

Topics Sports Games Creation date 2020-01-09 - Modification date 2020-03-26

[English] Castle

Glossary of definitions of castle components.

Topics History Construction Creation date 2020-02-27 - Modification date 2020-03-15

[English] Coronavirus

Glossary of coronavirus terms.

Topics Medicine Biology Creation date 2020-02-28 - Modification date 2020-03-14

[English] Venture Capital

Glossary of Venture Capital terms.

Topics Finance Economy Creation date 2020-02-03 - Modification date 2020-03-10

[English] Music

Music Glossary. Standard musical terms defined.

Topics Music Arts Creation date 2019-12-09 - Modification date 2020-03-07

[English] Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) is a technical approach for analyzing and designing an application, system, or business by applying object-oriented programming, as well as using visual modeling throughout the software development process to guide stakeholder communication and product quality.

Topics Engineering Programming Business Creation date 2019-12-07 - Modification date 2020-02-28

[English] Advanced Regression

Glossary of Advanced Regression.

Topics Statistics Engineering Creation date 2020-01-17 - Modification date 2020-02-18

[English] Multivariate Methods

Glossary of Multivariate Methods.

Topics Statistics Engineering Creation date 2020-01-02 - Modification date 2020-02-18

[English] Time-Series

Glossary of Time-Series.

Topics Statistics Engineering Creation date 2019-12-22 - Modification date 2020-02-18