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Concurrency glossary.

Topics Computing Programming Creation date 2020-09-05


Feminism glossary.

Topics Society Psychology Creation date 2020-09-03

Asian food and cooking

Asian food glossary.

Topics Cooking Food Creation date 2020-08-29

Japanese Sword

Japanese Sword Glossary.

Topics Martial Arts Creation date 2020-07-25


Glossary of Mortgage Terms.

Topics Finance Economy Legislation Creation date 2020-07-22

Magazine Layout

Glossary of Magazine Layout Terminology & Definitions.

Topics Publishing Industry Typesetting Printing Computing Creation date 2020-07-19


Volleyball Glossary.

Topics Sports Creation date 2020-07-17


Video Glossary of Terms.

Topics Video Creation date 2020-07-14


Glossary of Shipping Terms.

Topics Logistics Creation date 2020-07-13

3D Animation

Glossary of 3d animation terms.

Topics Animation Games Computing Creation date 2020-07-11

Updated glossaries

[English] Dune

Terminology of the Imperium, from Frank Herbert's "Dune".

Topics Literature Cinema Science-Fiction Fantasy Creation date 2020-04-21 - Modification date 2020-10-11

[English] Harry Potter Lexicon

A complete glossary for the Harry Potter series.

Topics Literature Cinema Fantasy Creation date 2020-04-30 - Modification date 2020-10-03

[English] Audio

Glossary of terms related to Audio.

Topics Audio Multimedia Games Technology Music Creation date 2020-03-06 - Modification date 2020-09-13

[English] Karate

Glossary of Karate related terms, including stances, techniques, blocks, training, etc.

Topics Sports Martial Arts Creation date 2020-01-11 - Modification date 2020-09-12

[English] Botany

Glossary of botanic terms.

Topics Botany Biology Science Creation date 2020-04-10 - Modification date 2020-07-22

[English] Desktop Publishing

Glossary of terms associated with the typesetting and printing industries.

Topics Typesetting Printing Computing Publishing Industry Creation date 2020-01-21 - Modification date 2020-07-19

[English] Inventory Managment

Glossary of terms related to inventory managment and warehouse operations.

Topics Logistics Management Manufacturing Creation date 2020-07-05 - Modification date 2020-07-19

[English] Networking

Terms and definitions for networking and systems administration, including common telco abbreviations and acronym expansions.

Topics Networking Telecommunication Computing Internet Creation date 2020-06-22 - Modification date 2020-07-11

[English] Skateboarding

Skateboarding Glossary. Terms of skating.

Topics Sports Transportation Creation date 2019-12-11 - Modification date 2020-07-10

[English] Quality Control

Glossary of Quality Control.

Topics Statistics Engineering Quality Creation date 2019-12-06 - Modification date 2020-07-09