Specialized glossaries of Arts, Sciences, Society and Techniques.

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Quality Management

Quality Management Glossary.

Topics Quality Statistcs Engineering Management Creation date 2021-12-08

Renal physiology

Renal physiology glossary.

Topics Anatomy Biology Health Medicine Pathology Physiology Creation date 2021-11-23


Glossary of Hematology.

Topics Anatomy Biology Genetics Health Medicine Pathology Creation date 2021-11-20


XML (Extensible Markup Language) glossary.

Topics Computing Database Internet Programming Creation date 2021-11-12

Supply Chain

Supply Chain glossary.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology glossary.


Yoga glossary.

Topics Health Philosophy Religion Creation date 2021-10-24


Urology glossary.

Topics Anatomy Biology Medicine Health Pathology Creation date 2021-10-06

UI/UX Design

Glossary of UI/UX Design.

Topics Computing Design Engineering Programming Creation date 2021-09-27


Pathology glossary.

Topics Anatomy Biology Health Medicine Pathology Science Creation date 2021-09-18

Updated glossaries

[English] Karate

Glossary of Karate related terms, including stances, techniques, blocks, training, etc.

Topics Sports Martial Arts Creation date 2020-01-11 - Modification date 2022-01-04

[English] Java

The Adobe Java platform and programming language glossary.

Topics Programming Computing Creation date 2020-06-10 - Modification date 2022-01-03

[English] Music

Music Glossary. Standard musical terms defined.

Topics Music Arts Creation date 2019-12-08 - Modification date 2021-12-31

[English] Chess

Glossary of Chess terms.

Topics Sports Games Creation date 2020-01-09 - Modification date 2021-12-25

[English] Sports Betting

Sport Wagering/Sport Betting Terms Glossary.

Topics Sports Gambling Creation date 2019-12-06 - Modification date 2021-12-13

[English] Logistics

Logistics glossary.

Topics Administration Business Industry Logistics Management Transportation Creation date 2020-10-31 - Modification date 2021-12-06

[English] Psychology

Psychology glossary.

Topics Psychology Biology Medicine Creation date 2021-06-15 - Modification date 2021-12-05

[English] Alternative Medicine

Glossary of Alternative Medicine. A comprehensive review of alternative medicine and alternative health issues.

Topics Medicine Creation date 2020-03-01 - Modification date 2021-11-30

[English] Dance

Glossary of Dance terminology.

Topics Dance Arts Creation date 2020-01-07 - Modification date 2021-11-06

[English] Renewable energy

Renewable energy glossary.

Topics Energy Engineering Environment Industry Technology Creation date 2021-06-26 - Modification date 2021-10-28