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Dime Bet

A $1000 wager.

This is gambling slang used in the US to describe a $1,000 bet. It is often used in sports betting scenarios, but could also apply to card games or similar.

As with many slang terms which refer to money, the "dime bet" or "dime" must include a the coins real value, in this case a dime, somewhere in the figure. In betting circles, it refers to exactly $1,000, but in other cases it may refer to $10 or as much as $10,000. An example of its usage: In a sportsbook, a bettor would tell a bookmaker or the cashier accepting bets that they want to, "put a dime on the New York Mets to win the World Series." The bookie or cashier would then confirm the amount, the bettor would hand over the money, and the transaction would be complete. If you are placing bets, be sure you are aware of the context in which "dime" is used, to ensure you are betting the exact amount you intend to.

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